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September 2016 Favourite Beauty | Emilys Makeup Bag

Friday, September 30, 2016

I'm pretty picky about my makeup. I have a signature winged eyeliner that has to be crisp, and my lips have to be that perfect shade. Lucky for me, this month I've hit makeup gold in many different ways! September was all about trying out new things, and I'm happy I took some risks. Lets get right into it with the eye products I've been obsessed with this month! ~ 

Eye Products | The perfect smokey fall look  

I have a signature wing that I've been rocking since I was probably 15. Note it probably wasn’t that great looking back then, but I take pride in having the sharpest wing possible everyday. I have been using the essence waterproof eyeliner pen for months but found they dried out so quickly, so I began my hunt to find the perfect felt tip eyeliner that wouldn’t dry out so quickly AND give good coverage. 

Walk in Hard Candy Stroke Of Gorgeous. Guys, this eyeliner is heaven sent for a broke student like me. It's everything that you would ever want in an eyeliner ( nice and dark, inky, long lasting- like REALLY long lasting, waterproof, and doesn’t dry out quickly) in an inexpensive package. I've been using this one for the full month of September and it has shown no sign of drying out. 

Before I put on any eyeshadow, I always prime my lids to make sure I don’t get any nasty creases. Ive been using this Smashbox eyeshadow primer recently, and it seems to do the trick! I like that a little can really go a long way, meaning this product is really an investment to anyone's makeup bag. 

Since its now fall, I've been trying to incorporate some reds into my makeup, and this creame eyeshadow from The Este Edit in the colour Scarlet Eclipse is the perfect shade for autumn. I like to lightly dab the deep red on the outer corners of my eyes and put some of the glitter on the inner corner. It really adds a smokey deep look without being too dramatic. 

Eyebrows | Get those Brows on FLEEK

A little secret...I actually don’t have any eyebrows. Ok, well I do, but they're very blonde and basically non existent to the human eye. I dye my brows at least once every 3-4 weeks to make sure that they are visible, and it makes filling them in waaaay less tedious. If you'd like to see a blog post about how I dye my brows leave a comment below! To fill them in I usually use an eyebrow pencil, and this month I fell upon the NYX Microbrow Pencil. It's very similar to other eyebrow pencils I've used in the past in that it has a waxy consistency that helps attach the colour to your brows. Overall it gives good coverage to fill in the odd spots, and I really enjoy the brush on the end.  

Lips | Give Them a Kiss Without Giving Them Your LIpstick  

The world of liquid lipstick has been revealed to me and I'm oh so happy it has! I love lipstick but hate having to re-apply it all the time after eating or drinking. This lipstick solves that and many other problems!  ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lip in the colour Bumble has been my everyday lipstick for the past month. It's such a beautiful shade described as a - dusty warm terracotta, that goes with any look any time of the day. It also stays on like you wouldn’t believe. I went out for a whole night a few weeks ago, ate crepes, had drinks, even shared a kiss or two with my boyfriend and this lipstick did not budge.  

Perfume | Smelling Sweet  

I love sweet and floral perfumes. I think they smell so friendly and anyone who smells like flowers MUST be a nice person right? Pear Blossom by Tommy Hilfiger is one of those perfumes I can imagine Emma Watson must wear, so sweet and charming! This is definitely a day time scent that I like to spritz on right before I walk out the door. Not to mention how cute is the bottle with that little bow?  

-fruity-floral-oriental aromas built around pear blossom, neroli and raspberry in top notes. A heart beats in rhythm of sandalwood and cedar, ensuring strength and dynamics in the composition. Base notes close with tonka beans, davana, cinnamon and whipped cream, perfect for warm, tender and divine gentleness. 

Let me know in the comments what your go to makeup products are this month! 

Until next time, -Emily

My Fall Fashion | Lookbook for Autumn Outfit 1

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's finally my favorite time of the year – FALL! There's something so nostalgic and beautiful about the autumn season; maybe it’s the change in leaf colours, the crisp smell in the mornings, warm drinks or the warm sweaters everyone wears.  Whatever it is, I love fall.  

 Burgundy and mustard yellow are probably two of my main favs for fall fashion. I feel like they go with the general feel of Autumn and they make me feel so festive. This cute thrifted burgundy top is a new main piece of mine! Semi turtlenecks are really in style right now, and I feel with the combination of the burgundy colour and ribbed fabric, it’s a perfect top for Autumn. 

This bulky knit cardigan from H&M is perfect for those slightly chilly days. Different colours knitted throughout make it an easy piece to match with various other items. I particularly like the gold yarn knitted throughout the sweater.  

These Zara high waisted pants are actually the first high waisted pants that ive bought that are ACTUALLY high waisted on me! Oh the woes of a long torsoed girl. A darker denim goes well with so many different pieces and I cant stop wearing these pants! Theyre a stretch demin, so they are oh so comfy, and give a little room for when you eat too much pumpkin pie!  

Classic black booties are a must for fall! I have a wide collection from many stores for different looks, but I find that these ones from Ardenes give a little extra umph to this look! They have a small silver decal on the sides and a small heel to give some height. 

Get the Look 

Here are some similar pieces to the ones I wore here if you want the look! 

Sweater - Choies ( link is here)

Top - Lyst ( link is here

Pants - Zara ( link is here)

Booties - Ardene (link is here

I hope you enjoyed this post, and look forward to more fall fashion arrangements! 

Whats your favorite season? Let me know in the comments! 


2016 TIFF Suite with beautyBOUTIQUE and Phyto Paris | A day of Pampering In Downtown Toronto

Monday, September 19, 2016

You can always tell when the Toronto International Film Festival comes to town each year. All the hype surrounding new films, talented actors, and of course the fashion! It seems that everywhere you look TIFF is the talk of the town.  

A few weeks ago, Sachie and I made our way downtown Toronto on a particularly nice day in the city. We walked down the ever so trendy King Street West, towards the Spoke Club, where we were welcomed into a very fancy showroom full of amazing goodies for us to indulge in. Hair and makeup stations with professional artists were set up in the inviting room, and we were welcome to indulge in some pampering.  
Keep reading below to see the makeup I had done, the experience I had, and of course my #OOTD!...